Emmy The Great - Edward Is Dedward chords

Emmy The Great - Edward Is Dedward
Standard Tuning

G:  32xxx3
Em: x22xxxx
C:  x32x1x
D:  xxx232

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GFarewell to Ed
EmFor Ed is dead
C The careless boy
D Laid to rest
GA velvet floor
EmTo place his head
C An empty bed
D A wooden chest
Em D Still beautiful in death
C G The moisture fogs my breath
Em DTwo hundred lowered eyes
C GA hundred mute goodbyes
Em DI never thought your threats would come good
Em DYou never did what you said you would
GYour mum and dad
EmThey look so old
CAll huddled up
DIn inky cloth
GIím not surprised
EmThis room is cold
CItís empty too
DItís stinks of loss
Em DI sat with Dan and drank some beer
C GWe hadnít spoken since last year
Em DI took his hand, led him upstairs
C GSilently drew his body near
Em DI couldnít see, missed you so much
C GMissed you so much I had to fuck
Em DBetween your sheets all childhood clean
C GThe pillows painted with your dreams
Em DI didnít want to stop and think
Em DHow I should have said a thousand things, yeah but hey
GLike we agreed
EmI will be brave
CI will pour whisky
DOn your grave
GSmoke cigarettes
Em Amongst the stones
CSprinkle champagne
DUpon your bones
Em DIf burial restricts your view
C GIíll bring the city here to you
Em DIíll pack the river and the clock
C GWrap it into a picnic box
Em GWith golden bows and crystal mugs
C DMy dancing heels will feel the mud
Em GWeíll disco boogie until the dawn
C DIíll teach this village how to mourn
(Ahhs) Em D C G (I think?)
GMy living room
EmIn future time
CYouíre just a face
DAbove my fire
GA funeral sound
EmA distant chime
CIíll think of this
DAnd I will cry
Em GPerhaps Iíll drop my task
C DThe sound of shattered glass
Em GThought I forgot at last
C DSome things just never pass
EmEasy to say
DHard to believe
CThereíll come a day
GThat I donít grieve
EmUntil the time
DMy body leaves
CI will regret
GThat you donít breath
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