Emmylou Harris - Making Believe chords

Emmylou Harris     Making Believe   written by Jimmy Work

Albert Lee      guitar
Glen D Hardin   piano
Emory Gordy     bass
John Ware       drums
Ricky Skaggs    fiddle
Brian Ahern     acoustic guitar
Rodney Crowell  acoustic guitar
Herb Pedersen   harmony 

C# F# C#Making believe that you still love me
G# C#It's leaving me alone and so blue
F# C#Still I'll always dream but I'll never own you
G# C# Making believe, it's all I can do G#
C#Can't hold you close when you're not with me
G# C#You're somebody's love, you'll never be mine
C# F# C#Making believe I'll spend my lifetime
G# C#Loving you and making believe
SOLO in C# then Bb
Eb Ab EbMaking believe that I never lost you
Bb Eb But my happy hours, I find are so few
Eb Ab EbMy plans for the future will never come true
Bb EbMaking believe, what else can I do
Eb Ab EbMaking believe, I'll spend my lifetime
Bb EbLoving you and making believe
From Emmylou Harris "Luxury Liner" Warner Brothers Records 1977 Acuff-Rose Publishing
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