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Emmylou Harris – Here I Am chords

Here I Am

E A EI am standing by the river, I will be standing here forever
B AThough you're on the other side my face you still can see
E D EWhy won't you look at me, Here I am, Here I am
I am searching thru the canyon, it is your name that I am calling Though you're so far away I know you hear my plea Why won't you answer me, Here I am
BI am in the blood of your heart, the breath of your lung
AWhy do you run for cover,
BYou are from the dirt of the earth and the kiss of my mouth
A BI have always been your lover,
D EHere I am, Here I am
I am the promise never broken and my arms are ever open In this harbor calm and still I will wait until Until you come to me, Here I am by: José Duarte
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