Emmylou Harris – Heartbreak Hill chords

Heartbreak Hill 

DLong, long time ago when we were young
G DYou swore to me I would be the one
I would be the one you loved but we had to part
G D You asked me to wait for you to keep you in my heart
A7 DTo keep you in my heart
G DNight after lonely night I’m waiting for you still
A7 D High above the lights of town here on Heartbreak Hill
Now maybe I am the foolish kind to think of you so long Have you found another love am I still the one Am I still the one for you but you're far away Do you ever dream of coming back to me someday Back to me someday Chorus
A D A D On Heartbreak Hill alone at night I think of how you held me tight
G D A7 DAnd wonder if I ever will see you again on Heartbreak Hill
Oh Lord if I only could go back in time enough I'd hold you in my arms again and never let you go Never let you go my love and leave me far behind High upon this lonely hill were you swore to be mine You swore to be mine Chorus by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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