Emmylou Harris - Easy For You To Say chords

Easy For You To Say

C Am Bb Am CThese things happen, love never comes with a guarantee
Am Bb Am CNo hard meetings but it looks like this love was never meant to be
F GThat's easy for you to say
F Dm7 CYou've got another who's willing and waiting for you
F GThat's easy for you to say
F Dm7 CYou're not the one with the heart that's breaking in two
G F# FYou tell me it's better this way
G CThat's easy for you to say
There'll be changes Times never been known to ever stand still Lonely losers Hold to a promise they'll never fulfill Chorus
C Bb You tell me you know that it's wrong
CTo walk out this way
Bb But in time my true love will come
F GAnd I'll thank you some day
Chorus by: Josť Duarte jtduarte1@netcabo.pt
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