Emmylou Harris - Youre Supposed To Be Feeling Good tab

You're Supposed To Be Feeling Good

A                   D    A 
Soul mate I see you down there
            F#m     E            D  A   
Waiting for morning to softly be coming 
                   D  A
I find I'm only in deeper 
               F#m    E              D  A
And you'd be a leaver if you weren't so scared 

Your true love has made you feel better 
But look out for later when she makes you feel worse 
Times change in daydreams and flashes 
A taste of the past is all I have seen 

(n.c.)                    D      
But you're supposed to be feeling good now 
Cause everybody said you would 
Honey, does it blow your mind 
That the prophets would lie 
You're supposed to be in your prime now 
Not supposed to be wasting your time 
Feeling like you're down and out 
Over someone like me 

Soul mate the blues are deceiving 
It keeps us believing we're on the wrong road 
One side is just like the other 
Except for the color and size of the load 
D		         A 
And just how much it shows 


By: Josť Duarte
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