Endless Struggle - Lost Generation tab

Taken from the Topanga album

Standard tuning

Chords used:

E - 022100
C#m - X46654
A - X02220
B - X24442

Intro - E - C#m - A - B


C#m       A             B
Beautiful girl from the South land

C#m          A                          B
I don't quite understand but I know who you are

C#m                      A              B
Last night you told me about your sister

How you loved, and how you missed her
C#m                        A                  B
I don't know why but you say that you like me

But sometimes yeah you despise me


You tell me you're the lost generation

So much anger , and so much frustration

Its not your fault, its the situation

A                        B
When all you want is to rest your body

Same chords all the way through. Comments welcome.
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