Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Can Set You Free chords

{title:Love Can Set You Free}
{subtitle:Engelbert Humperdink}

[Dm](intro) [Dmsus4add9] [A7/D] [Dm]

So [Dm]graceful and pure, a [Dmsus4add9]smile bathed in light,
No [A7/D]matter the distance a [Dm]miracle of s[Dm+]ight. [Dm] 
Though [Dm]I should have known, I could [Dmsus4add9]not turn away,
When [A7/D]faced with your beauty, no [Dm]reason can stay.

As you [Gm]kiss [A/C#]him in the [Dm]moon[Dm/C]light
With [E]heavy words I [A]say...

If [Bb]you love [F]someone, [C]Follow your [Dm]heart,
Cause [E/G#]love comes once. If you're [A]lucky e[A7/G]nough,
Though I'll [Bb]miss you fo[F]rever, the [C]hurt will run [Dm]deep,
Only [Bb]love can [C]set you [Dm]free.{end_of_chorus}
Trust in your dreams, run with no fear And if you should stumble remember, I'm near. As a ghost I will walk, I'll look deep in my soul, I might find another, you gave me that hope. So as you kiss him in the moonlight With heavy words I say... {start_of_chorus} If you love someone, follow your heart, Because love comes once If you're lucky enough, Though I'll miss you forever, and the hurt will run deep, Only [Bb]love can [C]set you [C#]free. [D#]And[A#sus4] if you[B] love [F#]someone, [C#]follow your [D#m]heart, Cause [F/A]love comes once if you're [A#]lucky e[A#7/G#]nough, Though I'll [B]miss you fo[F#]rever, the [C#]hurt will run [D#m]deep,
[B]Love will [C#]set you [D]free. [D] [E] [E] [F#] [F#]{end_of_chorus}
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