England Dan - What Can I Do With This Broken Heart tab

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Artist: England Dan & John Ford Coley
Chords by: Louie A. Ebojo
From: ebbskyz@yahoo.com

Standard Tuning:Original key is A#, use a capo on the 1st fret, all chord shapes
		and tablature positions are relative to the capo.

Chords:	EADGBe
A	x02220
Asus4	x02230
B/Eb	x6444x
Bm7	x24232
E	022100
Esus4	022200
D	xx0232
DM7	xx0222
F#m	244222

Intro:	A-Asus4-A-Asus4-; (2x)

           A           Asus4          A     Asus4
I've been saving the things that you gave me,
            A          Asus4     A
I've been holdin' them close to me;
           E         B/Eb      F#m
All the letters that said you loved me
          D                    Esus4-E
And the picture of you holding me.

And I've been needin' to call and tell you,
      DM7                    D
After all that we've been through;
   E           B/Eb          F#m
I know what to do  with the mem'ries,
                D                    E
But, I found something here I can't use.


           D             E      F#m
What can I do with this broken heart,
          D          E          A
And a goodbye that leaves me nowhere?
           D             E      F#m
What can I do with this broken heart,
        D           E
And a love I can't over?

     A          Asus4           A
I remember the words that were spoken,
        DM7             D
How we used them so carelessly;
          E            B/Eb   F#m 
What we thought would last  forever
            D            E
Ended so suddenly, so suddenly.

	(Repeat Chorus)

And a love I can't get over,
                  (Ad lib)
I can't get over you.

Ad lib:	Bm7-E-Bm7-E-; (2x)

	(Repeat Chorus 4x, then FADE)
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