Enrique Iglesias – Dont Turn Out The Lights tab

"Don't turn out the lights"
   by: Enrique Iglesias

I really hate pop music like this, but the harmonics got
my attention. Girls love this crap though, so whip out the ol'
acoustic, take a knee, and play this for your loved one.


Here are the chords and fingerings for the song. The chord names are
not entirely correct but they are variations of the chords listed. For
instance, I happen to play G with the added third fret fingerings on
the high e and B strings. I also play Cadd9 with low E open, you do not
have to but what's the use of muting or string-skipping if you don't have


G Cadd9e-|---3-------3-------3---|B-|-----3-------3-----3---|G-|-------0-------0---0---|D-|-------------------2---| RepeatA-|-------------------3---|E-|---------3---------0---|
G Cadd9e-|---3-----------3---|--------------------|B-|---3-----------3---|--------------------|G-|---0---(2p0)---0---|------*9----*5------|D-|---0-----------2---|---*5----*5----*5---| RepeatA-|---2-----------3---|--------------------|E-|---3-----------0---|--------------------|
Power chord version:
D5 C5 G5e-|------------------|--------------------|B-|------------------|--------------------|G-|---7---(5---------|------*9----*5------|D-|---7-----3)---5---|---*5----*5----*5---| RepeatA-|---5----------5---|--------------------|E-|--------------3---|--------------------|
The asterisks indicate the use of natural harmonics. For those of you who don't know how to do it, barely touch your finger to the string over the indicated fret's fretwire. When pulled-off correctly is should give you a nice sustained bell-like tone. The parentheses indicate the notes that are left out, every other time you repeat. The rest of the song is kinda too quiet to hear, atleast for me anyway. But if you wanna cheat your way through it, the chords are:
D Cadd9 Ge-|---2---3---3---|B-|---3---3---3---|G-|---2---0---0---| Sound right? Who knows, good enough for me.D-|---0---2---0---|A-|---0---3---2---|E-|---0---0---3---|
That's it! Who cares how most of it goes. If it aint right, tab it out yourself. All I care about's the HARMONICS! So HA!
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