Enrique Iglesias - Tonight chords version 2

Capo on 2 




Am Fm I know you want me
D EmI made it obvious that I want you too
Am FmSo put it on me
D EmLet's remove the space between me and you
Am FmNow rock your body, ohh
D EmDamn I like the way that you move
Am FmSo give it too me
D EmCause I already know what you wanna do
FmHere's the situation
CBeen to every nation
G AmNobody’s ever made me feel the way that you do
FmYou know my motivation
CGive in my reputation
G AmPlease excuse me I don't mean to be rude
Am FmBut tonight I'm loving you
D EmOh you know
Am FmThat tonight I'm loving you
D EmOh you know
Am That tonight I'm loving you
It's the same for the rest of the song so I hope this helps! VERSE
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