Enrique Iglesias – Takin Back My Love chords

I'd thought I'd expand a little on the other versions. Here is the full song 
showing you where the chord changes are.

Chords: F#m D A E


F#m DGo ahead just leave, can't hold you, you're free
A EYou take all these things, if they mean so much to you
F#m DI gave you your dreams, cause you meant the world
A ESo did I deserve to be left here hurt?
F#m DYou think I don't know you're out of control
A EI ended up finding all of this from my boys
F#m DGirl, you're stone cold, you say it ain't so
A EYou already know I'm not attached to material
F#m DI'd give it all up but I'm takin' back my love
A EI'm takin' back my love, I'm takin' back my love
F#m DI've given you too much I'm takin' back my love
A EI'm takin' back my love, my love, my love, my love
My love F#m->D->A->E Ciara:
F#m DYeah, what did I do but give love to you?
A EI'm just confused as I stand here and look at you
F#m DFrom head to feet, all that's not me
A EGo 'head, keep the keys, that's not what I need from you
F#m DYou think that you know, You've made yourself cold
A EHow could you believe them over me, I'm your girl
F#mYou're out of control(So what?)
DHow could you let go?(Oh yeah)
A EDon't you know I'm not attached to material?
F#m DSo all this love I give you, take it away
A EYou think material's the reason I came
F#m DIf I had nothing would you want me to stay?
A EYou keep your money, take it all away
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