Enrique Iglesias – Rhythm Divine tab



VERSE 1: Am C Am G From the coast of Vicanina, to the athem of old breeth Am C Am G All the way to Conologa, I will follow you, wherever you may be Am C Am G From the moment beside you, fell my heart cannot be free Am C Am G Have to hold you in my arms, like there can never be another one CHORUS: G Dm Am All I need, is a rhythm divine Dm Am C G Lost in the music, your heart will be mine G Dm Am All I need, is the look in your eyes Dm Am C G Viva la musica, say you'll be mine VERSE 2: Can you feel the evil passion, can you taste of the sweet wine Enjoy the dance, 'cause it'll happen, and your world won't get off my mind There's the music gettin' closer, can you follow my smile I will get you in my arms, and the rythm's taking over I can't tell CHORUS BRIDGE: Dm C Our love is lasting forever Dm C Come live this moment together Dm C Am Nothing else matters, but you in the night Dm C Come sit one moment beside me Dm C And the rythm's taking your heart Dm C Am Nothing can stop us, compending it all Dm C You are my heart, you're my soul CHORUS OUTRO (4 Times!!): Am Dm Can you feel the rhythm Am Dm Can you feel the rhythm Am Dm Can you feel the rhythm Dm C Burning, burning fade out... --------------------------------- Problems? Mail me Bjoern.Elsner@gmx.de Do you have the Tabs from Metallica's "Garage Inc." Please mail them!! Dance a "Samba" on "Rhythm Devine"
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