Enrique Iglesias - Let Me Be Your Hero tab


G                    Em                C                 D

Verses G Em C D
I.Would you dance.....if I asked you to dance..Would you run......and never look back II.Would you tremble..if I touched your lips...Would you laugh..oh please tell me this G Em C G (strum)
E-------3-----3----------3------3-------------------3-------------3---3-~~~~~~~~~~B---------3-----3----------3------3--------------------3--------------3-~~~~~~~~~~G-----0-----0-----0----0-----0------0-------------0-------------0-----0-~~~~~~~~~~D------------------------------------------------------------0--------0-~~~~~~~~~~A-----------------------------------------------3---------------------2-~~~~~~~~~~E--3-----------------0------------------------------------------------3-~~~~~~~~~~I.Would you cry.......if you saw me crying..Would you save my soul....... tonightII.Now would you die...for the one you love..Hold me in your....arms tonight
Chorus I : (Just strum and figure it out) G D C I can be your hero baby G D C I can kiss away the pain G D C I will stand by you forever G D C You can take my breath away Would you swear that you'll always be mine Would you lie would you run and hide Am I in too deep have I lost my mind Well I don't care you're here tonight Repeat Chorus I Chorus II I can be your hero I can kiss away the pain And I will stand by you forever You can take my breath away You can take my breath away I can be your hero If you have questions please email me at MMirador23@hotmail.com. Enjoy :)
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