Ensiferum - Lost In Despair tab

This didnt take long, Its a pretty slow song...HAVE FUN :)

e|------------|-------------| Do that bit 4 times...B|-13-10-12-8-|-13-10-17-15-| <<<<G|------------|-------------|D|------------|-------------|A|------------|-------------|E|------------|-------------|
THEN TURN UP THE DISTORTION!e|----------------|-------------------------| And this bit 4 times...B|-13-12-13-12-10-|-17-17-15-17-13-12-10-12-| <<<<G|----------------|-------------------------|D|----------------|-------------------------|A|----------------|-------------------------|E|----------------|-------------------------|
I will try and work out more than the inro and help you lovers of ensiferum :) Yours truly..."silent breath"...
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