Enslavement Of Beauty - Crowd Of Mourners tab

My first tab. I this should be the way you play the song, but please correct me if there 
anything wrong. Since there are no EoB tabs here I thought I might submit some :)
(play sensually with passion)

(X4 part one)e:------------------------|b:--5-3-5-6-6-5-3-6-8-6-5-|g:------------------------|d:------------------------|a:------------------------|E:------------------------|
(X1 part two)e:-------------------------------------------|b:--5-3-3-3-------3---5----------------------|g:----------5-5-5---4------------------------|d:----------------------9----7---------------|a:------------------------10---9-7-----------|E:-------------------------------------------|
(part 3 same as first only with the slight difference in the end)e:--------------------------|b:--5-3-5-6-6-6-5-3-6-8-6-5-|g:--------------------------|d:--------------------------|a:--------------------------|E:--------------------------|
Thats how it goes, mail me if you find any errors at hawthornthegreat@hotmail.com. More will be added from this great band, I just need to get a little bit more used to typing tabs. Live well..
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