Enter Shikari - Closing tab

 Artist:Enter shikari
 Album: take to he skies 

|--------------------------| |---------| |--------------11-11-11-11-| |---------| |--------------14-14-14-14-| |---------| |-0-3-2-0------------------| |-0-3-2-0-| |-0-3-2-0------------------| x8 then play this |-0-3-2-0-| |-0-3-2-0------------------| |-0-3-2-0-|
|--------------------------| |--------------11-11-11-11-| |--------------14-14-14-14-| |-0-3-2-0------------------| |-0-3-2-0------------------| |-0-3-2-0------------------|
the guitar part fades out eventually so just keep on playing it no one tabbed this and its kinda easy to figure out but i thought i would tab it just for something to do so yer enjoy
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