Enter The Haggis – Broken Line chords

Enter the Haggis - Broken Line
    Tabbed by Owen Tosh



Bm         A    E
Bm         A    E
Bm         A    E
Bm         A    E  Esus  E

Bm A ERestless is dawn as it wanders the farm house
Bm A EA new day awaits though he’s worked through the night
Bm A EPatiently planting his thoughts on the pages
Bm A E Esus EUnder the mumble of kerosene light
Bm A EOff to the West you can feel it coming
Bm A EA thick, steel vein for a river of power
Bm A ECarelessly turning the earth into wasteland
Bm A E Esus EAs thousands of years disappear in an hour
Bm D A E Hold your ground on the wrong side of the plough
Bm D A E They’re closer now to a cold, black, broken line
Bm D A E Hold your ground when they come to cut you down
Bm D A E They’re closer now to the rock that breaks the tines
Bm A ECan’t see what you do from back in the boardroom
Bm A EFaceless equations of profit and cost
Bm A EThey wave you away like a fly on the radar
Bm A E Esus EBut keep coming back and you’ll throw them off course
A B E A Though it’s always been this way
B E A Doesn’t mean that it’s your fate
B E But you know it takes the
D A D A Strength of heart and mind
D Asus A E Esus E And the faith someday the world will see your side
Bm A E Nothing is lost if you give yourself wholly
Bm A E Nothing is gained if you keep it inside
Instrumental Ending: G Bm A D (repeat)
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