Enter The Haggis – Cameos chords

Enter the Haggis - Cameos
    Tabbed by Owen Tosh


Cadd9 D Em G e --3----2----0----3--| B --3----3----0----3--| G --0----2----0----0--| D --2----0----2----0--| A --3----0----2----2--| E --0----X----0----3--|
capo @ 3rd fret Intro: G Cadd9 D Cadd9 G Cadd9 D Cadd9
GEverything's so still
DI think the wind is watching from it's
Cadd9 GNorthwest window sill
GLooking straight ahead
DI feel a bit too far for comfort
Cadd9 GWon't you take my hand
Em D Cadd9 I hope this is only the end of the show
Em D Cadd9 And we all get leading roles
G D The doors we close behind
Cadd9 G D They're never locked and always draughty
Cadd9 G Hands, hearts, and brains
Cadd D Are irreparably changed
G D And many miles down the road
Cadd9 G D On a night that's dark and stormy we'll be
Cadd9 G Sold to the sky
Cadd9 D In a violent flash of light
GWell I thought the set was real
DTill our friends went to their dressing rooms
Cadd9 GAnd I felt the cardboard trees
GSo now here we are
DWe're all alone and naked 'neath these
Cadd9 GWhite, fluorescent stars
G Cadd9Story told, the credits roll
D Cadd9 GThe lights are up, it's time to go
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