Enter The Haggis - Real Lifealibis chords

Real Life/Alibis

capo 3rd

Intro:  C F C F

Verse 1:

C C7Saturday morning a while before daylight Iím
F CLying here hoping for rain
Gm F CBy tomorrow I could be anywhere
C GmPassing streetcars alive without breathing
F CIím lost in the city again
Bb F C Without a purpose I canít believe anything
F AmAnd I know itís not my place
G C To be asking these questions
F Cbut I canít just chase
Bb Fevery world that I see because
C F This isnít real life
C G Em AmThis isnít happening
Dm AmSeems so believable
G CBut itís not the real thing
F C This isnít real life
G Em AmItís just some enormous lie
Dm F G C And I know Iíll be fine this isnít real life
Verse 2: (see above chords) Such a mystery Am I supposed to believe these illusions are real Out of focus, step out of character Into a world I can feel Maybe itís only a sense of propriety Keeping us grounded at all Or weíd run screaming Into the morning and out of control Pre-Chorus 2:
G F C GMaybe I can find some piece of a world I can handle
Em F G Or a common line, any one sign
E7 AAll a part of me
Chorus 2:
A D AThis isnít real life
E C#m9 This isnít happening
F#m BmSeems so believable
F#m E A But itís not the real thing
Dm A This isnít real life
E C#m9Itís just an enormous lie
F#m Bm D E And weíll be fine if we can find a real life
Outro: F#m E A D F#m E D E Intro:
F# F# F# F# F# F#...Bagpipes:
F# F# Bm Bm E E Bm Bm x2 F# G A F# G A Verse 1:
G C BThe world is listening in
G F#Every name and number
B G C BSuddenly I canít believe my eyes
G A F# G A F# G AWeíre gonna need those alibis
B G C BHoping it all just fades away
G F# Maybe theyíre all just paper
B G C BAirplanes and imaginary cries
G A7 Theyíre not your neighbour
D GWe all have our alibis
D G Weíve got our reasons and our reasonable words
A GBut we all just hide our eyes and make believe we never heard
F#m And when the sirens rise
G A Weíre gonna need those alibis
Bagpipes 2: F# F# Bm Bm E E Bm Bm F# G A F# G A Vs. 2
B G C BHelpless and hopeless on the screen
G F#Maybe another channel
B G C Might change the dialogue
B G A7 To talk about it doesnít hurt at all
D GWe all have our alibis
D GWeíve got our reasons and our reasonable words
A GWe talk and talk as though thereís nothing to it
F#m We can change it all
G A7As long as we donít have to do it
D GWe all have our alibis
D Weíve got our reasons and we
GLie and lie and lie
D GWe all have our alibis
D Weíve got our reasons
GWeíve got our reasons
A GAnd if weíre not afraid to fall
A GWeíre not listening at all
F#m And when the silence fills the sky
G A7We're gonna need those alibis
Outro: DWhat does it matter if they're all lies
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