Envy On The Coast – Lapse tab ver. 2

Band: Envy On The Coast
Song: Lapse
Album: Lucy Gray
Tabbed By: Matt Florio; myspace.com/mattflorio2
Email: Shempashland@yahoo.com

This is the correct way to play "Lapse" by Envy on The Coast.
This is the way that they play it live and on the recording.
The tuning is an open E chord basically.
If you have any questions or comments contact me.

How to tune for this song:
While in Standard tuning, Tune the G string to up one fret to G#. (Half Step up)
Tune the D string up to an E. (Whole Step up) 
Tune the A sting up to a B. (whole Step up)
Do not tune the B string or any of the E's.
e stays e
b stays b
g to a g#
d to a e
a to a b
e stays e

Intro/Versese--xx---------------------------|b--xx000-000-000--000-000-0-----|g#-xx777-555-000--777-555-0-----|e--xx777-777-444--777-777-4-----|b--xx555-777-444--555-777-4-----|e--xx--------444----------4-----|"A Road Turned..."
Pre Choruse--0--0---------|b--0--0--0------|g#-5--0--2------|e--4--0--x------|b--2--0--2------|e-----0--2------|"oh sweet ..."
Choruse--------0----|----------0-|b--0--0--0----|-0--0--0--0-|g#-0--2--0----|-2--0--2--0-|e--4--x--0--7-|-3--4--x--0-|b--4--2--0--7-|-4--4--2--0-|e--4--2--0--7-|-3--4--2--0-|"it's not as deep as..."
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