Envy On The Coast – Clergy tab

Okay, this actually didn't take me long to figure out. I've always wanted to play this 
thought maybe others would enjoy playing it too.So here you go. Oh, there might be some 
wrong with it.
something wrong with it. This is in Standard Tuning. So no worries.


e|--19\17----17-----------|B|--------17----17\15/19--| This basically comes in throughoutG|------------------------| many parts of the song.D|------------------------|A|------------------------|E|------------------------|
Chords used:
e|--0--3--5--|B|--0--3--5--| These chords are throughout almost theG|--1--4--6--| entire song.D|--2--5--7--|A|--2--5--7--|E|--0--3--5--|
Alternate chords you could use are: But you'd have to be in Drop D.
e|--0--0--0--|B|--0--0--0--|G|--1--4--6--| They both sound good, but pick which you like.D|--2--5--7--| =]A|--2--5--7--|E|--2--5--7--|
Any correction? Comments? Add-ons? I'm here; luther_purcell@hotmail.com
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