Envy On The Coast - Head First In The River tab

There's some parts I couldn't really figure out.
If you figure them out, kudos. 
I play it in Drop D. But If you like, you can play it in Standard.
I'm sure you'll know the differences made between the two tunings.

e|--7-------5------/7-------|B|--8-------7------/7-------|G|--9-[x16]-6-[x8]-/7-[x8]--| Intro/Rhythm. D|--9-------7------/7-------|A|--7-------5---------------|E|--x-------x---------------|
This part I'm not completely sure, but it sounds alright to me. Played during chorus.
e|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|----------5------/7-------| D|--2-------x-[x8]-/x-[x8]--| Alt. D|--2--| A|--2-[x16]-3------/5-------| For A|--2--| E|--2-----------------------| Standard E|--0--|
e|------------------------|B|--/8---------12*--x-10--| The 10 is only played the first time.G|-----7-----x------------| The repeat only plays the 12th fret.D|-------9-7--------------|A|------------------------|E|------------------------|
A little tid-bit played.
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