Enya - Flora Secret tab

Flora's Secret - Rabbit's Guitar Version

Original Key of B
Capo @ 2nd fret
Played in A
3/4 Time

Intro: A
Verse 1:
Lovers in the long grass look above themD-------------E-------------A----------E
Only they can see where the clouds are goingA-------D--------E--------A
Only to discover dust and sunlightD-------------E------A
Ever make the sky so blue*Verse 2:*A------------D----E-----A
Afternoon is hazy river flowingD--------------E-------------A------E
All around the sounds moving closer to themA----------------D-------------A
Telling them the story told by FloraD-----------E-----A
Dreams they never knew*First Instrumental:*D E A F# D Bm E D E A F# D Bm E *Verse 3:*A------D-------E----------A
Silver willows tears from PersiaD---------E-----------A-------E
Those who come from a far-off islandA------------D---------E-----A
Winter Chantarelle lies undercoverD------------E------A
Glory of the sun in blue*Second Instrumental: (repeat 1st instrumental)*D E A F# D Bm E D E A F# D Bm E*Verse 4:*A-----------------D------E--------A
Some they know as passion some as freedomD-----------------E------------A------E
Some they know as love and the way it leaves themA------D--------E------A
Summer snowflake for a seasonD------------E--------F#m---D------------E--------A
When the sky above is blue. When the sky above is blue*Third Instrumental:*C G D Am F G D E C G D Am F G D E *Verse 5:*A------------D---------E--------A
Lying in the long grass close beside herD--------------E-----------A-------E
Giving her the name of the one the moon lovesA----------------D------E-------A
This will be the day she will rememberD-----------------E
When she knew his heart wasA-------------D---------E--------A
Loving in the long grass close beside herD-------------E------------A------E
Whispering of love and the way it leaves themA------------D---------E-------A
Lying in the long grass in the sunlightD-----------------E
They believe it's true loveA------------D
And from all around themE-------A-----D----------------E
Flora's secret telling them of love--------A------EAnd the way it breathesA---------------D------E---A
Looking up with eyes of amarathineD----------------E------F#m
They can see the sky is blueD------------------E-------A
Knowing that their love is trueD-----------E-----F#m
Dreams they never knewD-----------E--------AAnd the sky above is blue
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