Epic Hero - Making Me Love You chords

So i'm not 100% sure on this so if you guys have any suggestions please submit...i kinda 
did my best to figure it out since no one else had put the chords up...so here it is 
enjoy :D

F#And i'm tired of the mainstream
BAnd i feel like and outcast
D EAnd i don't fit inside your perfect beautiful routine
F#there's a ghost in my closet
Bcaffeine in my bloodstream
D Emy tell-tale heart don't have a chance with you
F#cause you say what you say
BBut your mind's made up
D Ecause you're leading me on and you know it
F#I play all your games
BBut i know the score
D Eand i hate you for making me love you
Verse 2 (same as above) Thereís a word to describe this Some might say that itís hopeless And I canít help thinking you just hurt me out of boredom Iím a pawn in your kingdom Make your move, because Iím ready I can feel you breathing, feel you turn inside my soul chorus
D Ethere's a fine line between
D F Ccomedy and tragedy suffering and ecstasy
D Ethe truth just keeps marching on
Dgrabbing hold of all of me
Fi'm strung for all the world to see yeah
chorus if you have any corrections feel free to correct me...thanks. -Cris
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