Equipped – Spoon Collection tab

          "Spoon Collection"  by: equipped. 
          [GREAT SONG!!] 
              this is easy!! 
              intro: dm,am,c,g x3 a piece staart slow and gradually play faster.  
                 Dm    am    c          g 
              have you been to that guys house, 
                 (same chords) 
              the big house on the corner. 
              ya he just sitts around all day 
              he sells rusted forks and knives 
               to people that walk around 
              just like you and me 
               the only thing he doesnt sell 
               dm     am          c            g   
              is his one and only spoon collection 
              ya  his one and only spoon collection  
                wierd bridge with funny sounding chords 
                  the old man dissappeared one day 
                  everyone claimed his spoons flew him away 
                  for all they knew he took his spoons with him too 
                   dont let him posess you  
                    d c gx  5 end on dm 
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