Eraserheads – Scorpio Rising tab

Scorpio rising

Intro: (Drums) 
        Cm-Ab-Gm-; (2x)

Cm                  Ab   Gm                Cm                   Ab   Gm
I’m old enough to know that my stars just won’t let go
          Cm                  Ab   Gm                Cm                   Ab   Gm
At this day and age I can see that the world was meant for me
Cm                                Ab   Gm                 Cm                   Ab   Gm
Some people laugh at what you’re doing, they hold you in the sand
Cm                     Ab   Gm                        Cm-Ab-Gm
I’m having hard time adjusting to these changes

Ab                           G
I can see that your lips are moving
          Cm                               G
But I can’t hear what you’re saying
Ab            G           Ab               G
Is it yes or is it no? Is it stop, or is it go?
Ab              G                     Ab              G
Is it suck or is it throw? Or is it me or am I just too slow?

Interlude: (do ICP, 4x)

(Do stanza chords)
I’m young enough to think that the world looks good in pink
But as far as I can see that ain’t enough for me
Some people hear what you’re saying, they pull you by the strings
I’m having troubles taking things day by day

Ref 2:
Ab                             Bb
When I see you I see red and green
Gm                                     Cm
You’re like the biggest tree I’ve ever seen
            Ab                          Bb
But it cuts you down, oh down to size
                Ab                              Bb
The apple of my eyes is rotting in the ground

Interlude: (Do ICP 8x)

Ref 3:
Ab                     Gm                                    
I see the future burning in their eyes
        Cm                           Ab 
but I don’t care what it’s saying
Ab            G               Ab               G
Is it high or is it low, is it high or is it low
Ab              G                    Cm               Gm
Is it sink or is it grow, is it twister, a-he, he-he-hey

Interlude: (Do ICP 4x)

Cm (Pause)                                    G (Pause)
I wrote this song while I’m eating beans
Cm (Pause)                                        G (Pause)
Now don’t you try to ask me what that means?
Cm (Pause)                                      G (Pause)
It’s just like asking me to tell you my dreams
Cm (Pause)                          G
I would have told you long ago

                   Ab                 Bb        
But now it seems you’re far away
                       Ab                        Bb             Gm
Here comes a loony bin, come to take me away
                  Ab                        G        
You put a scar in my twisted face
          Ab                                 G        
In the yearbook I look out of place
             Ab                                 G        
I see my letter burning in your hand
                Ab                     Bb    G      Cm-Ab-G       
It took me 25 years just to understand

(Do ICP)
Blue is the color of my skin
Blue is the color of my skin
Blue is the color of my…

Cm-Ab-Gm-; (5x)
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