Eraserheads – Wishing Wells tab ver. 2

                    Whishing Wells by the Eraserheads

(all guitars tuned half step down to Eb)

Intro chords:  G----C---F---    x4
Intro riff:

e|----------15-15-15-14-12------------|--12----------|-13-13-13|B|-10s12---11--------------15-13-12-13|-13-13--------|---------|G|------------------------------------|---------12S14|---------|D|------------------------------------|--------------|---------| x4A|------------------------------------|--------------|---------|E|------------------------------------|--------------|---------|
Chorus: G C F I wish I could go back to those fairy book tales G C F forget the real world a while and seek the seas of the talking whales G C F a place of wishing wells and magic spells G C F a place of wishing wells and magic spells G C F(pause) Where everything starts out once upon a time long long ago and ends G C F happilly ever after uh huh huh, yeah yeah verse 1: G I could go up the hill and run with Jill C F The giant could smell I'm no english man G Cinderella danced with me at the ball C F I told the queen of hearts about my plans G I traveles Wonderland with Alice C F I met with Snow White in the woods G I flew with Peter Pan in neverneverland C F Picked some berries with Ms. Red Riding Hood (repeat chorus) verse2: G I could be an outlaw in the west save damsels in distress C F We could sleep a hundred years G I could wake you up with a kiss We'll swim the seven seas C we could make love more then twice F(pause) fly like dragons in the skies G We could hang around on trees or buzz around like bees C we could make some honey F we don't need no money baby G Just turn your back you'll see jumpin' jellybeans sack C just wait for me Jack F I'll be back, I'll be back (repeat chorus) (reapeat intro) G C F a place of wishing wells and magic spells x4
*that's all, hope you guys enjoy this... I never realy submit my tabs so this is actualy first time I'm posting a tab that I've done, so kung my corrections, just email me :) YEAH!! EHEADS 4EVER!! \m/ - tab by Kevin Faraon - - add nyo rin ako s facebook kung gusto nyo :)
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