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Eraserheads – Julie Tearjerky chords

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Intro: A-Am7-; (4X)e:---------------4------------------|B:------2--3--5-----5---------------|G:------------------------------2---|D:---------------------0--0--2------| Play (4x)A:---0-----------------------------0|E:----------------------------------|
A Am7Julie Tearjerky on the phone
A Am7She says that I can't be alone
Bm A /AbYeah she was told that
/F# E time is gold
A Am7Super strategy guide(2x)
A Am7Don't turn your back on an enemy
A Am7She doesn't look too friendly
Bm A /Ab /F# EIt's a final fantasy
A Am7Nothing stays the same (2x)
CNo comic books
CaugNo ugly looks
C6No flaming trees
C7 F-DmOh man I need some more
A Am7I hear her calling my name (2x)
A Am7Julie Tearjerky on the ground
A Am7She'll swallow anything
thats round
Bm A /Ab /F# EPick it up next time around
A Am7Nothing stays the same (2x)
(Repeat bridge)
F-DmI need some more
CNo happiness
CaugNo loveliness
C6No emptiness
C7 F-DmIt wasn't here before
F-Dm-(G-) here before
A Am7I hear her calling my name (2x)
A-Am7-A-Am7Pa pa pa pa pa.....
B A /Ab /F# FPa para pa pap....
A-Am7-A-Am7-Para para pa pap
(Repeat Bridge 2) Coda:
A Am7Julie tearjerky on the phone(3x)
A Am7 A pauseJulie tearjerky on the phone
by: jopakzkath.....
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