Eraserheads - Fruit Fairy tab

Fuit Fairy
1996 BMG Records
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C -   x32010
B -   x24442
Bb -  x13331
A -   x02220
Ab  - 466544
Gm -  355333
Ebm - x68876
F# -  244322
Cm -  x35543
Fm -  133211

Intro: C-B-Bb-A-Ab--

Verse 1:
Ebm          Ab                 Ebm   Ab
Magic in the vine, sugar when I cooked
Eb                 Ab                     Ebm Ab
Shake and bake the flavor Come and take a look
F#                     E
Nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts everywhere
F#                    E(break)              Ebm
Berries and wine so divine, They grow on my hair

Gm         Cm    Gm            Cm
  It ain't easy, being a fruit fairy
Gm                      Cm    Bb
  Fruits are flights of fancy just think
Ab         Gm       Fm         Bb      Ebm
fruitcakes ain't no fruitcakes without me

Verse 2: (do Verse 1 chords)
Here take this wand, wave it in the air
Surprise, surprise that really is my spatula
All day long I tend the garden
Talk to the leaves and dig the sun dig

(Repeat Chorus)

Interlude: Fm---(break)

F#           E
All day long I tend the garden
F#            E(break) Ebm
Eat the bugs and water the plants
Smoke 'em weed

(Repeat Chorus except last 2 words)

   Gm       Ab          Bb
...ain't no fuitcakes without me, ahhh

(Repeat Chorus)

Without me... (x3)

Outro: Ebm---; (hold) (break)
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