Eraserheads - Styrosnow tab

1996 BMG Records
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In this song, Bassist/Vocalist Buddy Zabala sang imitating a Children's voice.

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Am -   x02210
Em -   022000
D -    xx0232
G -    320033
C -    x32010
A -    x02220
E -    022100
D/F# - 2x023x

Intro: Cassiotone


Chorus 1:
 G          C         D              G
Styrosnow, Styrosnow, We believe in styrosnow
 G          C         D                   G
Styrosnow, styrosnow, we love to play in styrosnow

Verse 1:
    G            C         D                 G  D/F#
The Winter isn't coming, because there isn't one
    Em                Am                    D                G
And all that falls on Christmas Day are the warm rays of the sun
   G              C           D                G    D/F#
We dreamed of Mr. Frosty, And skiing down the slopes
     Em                      Am            D           G     D
Till our folks fulfilled our wishes with a little styrosnow, ho!

(Repeat Chorus 1)

Verse 2:
   G          C           D             G   D/F#
It isn't very pretty, and it's not even cold
    Em                     Am             D           G
But when it falls from the factory it's a wonder to behold
   G            C         D               G  D/F#
We use our imagination, Because we have a lot
   Em                Am              D           G   D             
We know we shouldn't be so picky now when all we got is...

Chorus 2: Modulate from G to A
 A          D         E                    A
Styrosnow, Styrosnow, Fill the world with styrosnow
 A          D         E                     A
Styrosnow, Styrosnow, everybody loves that styrosnow
E                      A         E                   A
Keepin' it alive with styrosnow, everybody walk the styrosnow
E       A   E A
S-T-Y-R-O; Styro!
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