Eraserheads - Cutterpillow tab

1995 BMG Records

Submitted by: or add nyo ako sa friendster sa 
para masaya.

Hidden track to after Ang huling El Bimbo. Nagtataka ako bakit tamad ang mga taong mag 
ng kantang ito.

Chords used:
D -  xx0232
D7 - xx0212
G -  320033
A -  x02220

Hand Claps

Intro: D-D7 (x2)

Harmonica Celindroe|----------7-8---10-12---7-8-7----|B|-10-10-10---------------------10-|G|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------|A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Verse: D I used to have a cat, won't ever wanna get fat G D So she ate a feather pillow, yellow willow A fury fury fury fury fury fury fury little fella G D Exercise in all day, she never go to swim in the beach it seems A G Best with jelly like fishes, No matter come wishes D(hold) The cat and the pillow with jelly like fishes (Repeat twice)
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