Erasure – Sometimes chords

Erasure: Sometimes

by Robbie Adamson

(I know the intro isn't quite right but try and use or adapt and let me know)

Intro--------------------------------------------------|--------------3 3 3 4 3 1--------6 5 3 1---|- 5 0 5 0 5 0 0 0------------3----------------|--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|
GIt's not the way you look lead me
F C By the Hand into the bedroom (G,F,C)
GIt's not the way you throw your clothes
F C Upon the bathroom floor (G,F,C)
Am Been thinking about you
D (132)I just could'nt wait to see
A# FFling my arms around you
GAs we fall in ecstacy
C GOOh Sometimes
G# Bb The truth is harder than the pain inside…… yeah
C GOOh sometimes
G# BbIt's the broken heart that decides
GIt's not the way that you caress me
F C Toy with my affection (G,F,C)
GIt's not my sense of emptiness
F C You fill with your desire (G,F,C)
AmClimb in bed beside me
D (132)We can lock the world outside
A# FTouch me, satisfy me
GWarm your body next to mine
Repeat (CHORUS)
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