Eric Andersen - Dusty Boxcar Wall tab

Dusty boxcar wall by Eric Andersen

These are just the basic chords he uses, add hammer-ons and pull-offs when necessary.
The Chords are the same for the chorus and the verses just repeat he same progression. 
the solo add the high g on the Em chord and just add a little flare to your strumming. 
is a must know song for any folk aficionado play it like you mean itenjoy

Em                                D   D/A D  D/A
I知 going away my baby,
C                C/B                Em
I知 gonna leave you pretty gal
For a train passed by while you lay sleeping
I値l write you a letter on a dusty boxcar wall

I once had a love in old Kentucky
I once had a love in sunny Tennessee
But a New York gal brought me pain and sadness
Now I知 here as lonely as I can be
City women bring you grief and sorrow
Country girls are as sweet as they can be
City women are as cold as they are shallow
But a country girl痴 love is as deep as the deep blue sea
Oh when I die and go to heaven
That値l be tha last train ride I値l ever see
They値l put a silver spike upon my gravestone
And my casket beneath a weeping willow tree
Tabbed by ABond
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