Eric Bachmann - Genevieve chords

Eric Bachmann - Genevieve

corrections are very welcome!

Fill - just use it from time to time and between the verses, 

D Ge|--------------------|B|--3-5--3--2---------|G|--2-2--2--2---------|D|--0-0--0--0---------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
D GTenderly she lays on a pedestal I made
D D/F# GFar beneath her I have come to watch her breathe
D GBut I must walk away 'cause I know that when she wakes
D D/F# GFrom her dreams I'm not the one her heart will seek
G D D/C# D/F# GAnd what I cannot have I do not need
D D/F# G DSo I won't be going up to see
Every night is the same I walk to her iron gate And as a train goes by I sneak inside to see Well maybe I'm no good at giving up a thing I should Set it free the want for one so out of reach But when the lights go out on Barber Street I just close my eyes and start to dream Of Genevieve Genevieve Genevieve
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