Eric Bachmann - Man O War chords

Eric Bachmann - Man O' War

I'm pretty sure this is not how the song is played, guess he uses some alternative 
tuning, but I got no idea which so this works pretty good for standard tuning.

Intro: D

D A G DFloating in the cold water the ghosts of sorrow haunt the deep
D A G DReaching down to drag the ruins and roam the lone deserted streets
D A G DOf an old abandoned temple buried in the narrow strait
D A G G Off the coast of Tarifa, Spain
D A G DGypsies scatter through the desert across the Atlas Mountain Range
D A G DHoaring remnants from the Devil from the Empires iron reign
D A G DWhile cluttered down the mouths of rivers widowed lovers bathe and clean
D A G Silken scarves embroidered for their brand new Queen
A DAnd every time she rises up the ocean sinks
A DHer memory drags a drape of a thousand angry stings
G A D G A DAnd like the moon doesn't mind if the sun doesn't shine
G D A GThe sea doesn't care if you're lonesome tonight
G D A GLike the love that she gives condescendingly tries
G AIn its way to comfort you
G D ASet adrift into her swarm-man o war
G D ACaught up in her dangling sting-off the shore
G Bm/A A GOf a foreign brown sand beach as blue as bottles cover you
Many messengers and rebels have come and gone without a trace And many more will come tomorrow and many more will be erased Cause out beyond the docks of Rota upon the bottom of the sea Along the miles of copper cable from the Gulf of Cadiz They tap the lines to hear the sounds that start the songs the rebels sing And drag a net to seine the bottom for the purse the bastards bring And like a lion don't mind if a lamb takes her time A beast doesn't care if you surrender tonight Cause a beast knows she'll get what she wants in good time
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