Eric Burdon – Po Box 500 tab

Eric Burdon: ( British pop/rock/blues singer.
Lead vocalist in, among many, The Animals. Born in 1941 and is still touring.

P.O Box 500 by Eric Burdon. Taken from the album "Survivor", 1978.
Words and music by Eric Burdon & Zoot Money:

Chords needed:

G Em D C Bm F Am

     G                                                Em
DEAR ROBERT, I heard you was back in the slammer, you should havn known better 
        D               C                     G                  C
than to try it a second time, in the state of Alabama. I'm gonna miss your 
                    G                              C                
midnight shows, and miss your early mornin' tokes, your big buddha face smilin'
F   C          G                 C                                 G
out across the ocean. You were a good thief, you taught me what to steal, I 
Em                G            C                  G      C 
guess you know by now how much I took from you for real. I'll give it all back 
         G                              Em                        D
to you next parole for sure, and we can visit crazy Mary up in Camarillo.

G                                                   Em
DEAR ROBERT, I heard you was back under the hammer, should have known better 
        D                  C                                      G
than to keep the badge you found from the police on the beach last summer,
                 Dm                 Am                   G
but while you're freshly shaved and down in weight we'll take that Cevrolet and
                          F       Dm                            
blaze all the way down to Mexico, we'll find that long lost valley we talked 
Am               G                            
about so much, we'll disappear in smoke, then we'll emerge from the desert 
                     F  C    G                             F           C
dust, and enter that golden city, with restaurants, running water, and women oh 
so pretty.

Solo chords (my version)

G|G|G|G|Em|Em|G|C D C|G|G|C|C|D|Em D|C|Bm|C|D|D|

G                                                     Em
DEAR ROBERT, when they took you last time I remember, the police light show was 
D                       C                             G             Dm
bright like the 4th. of July, right in the middle of December, as I strolled by
              Am                        G      
your place, unnoticed in the crowd, who stood by in the red lights as they took
     F               Dm                           Am
you down. As you got into the police car, chrome bracelets on your wrist, wich 
G                                                              F C
everybody knows can be painful with just a twist, but you just smiled at 
     G                        F              C              D
everybody, the police knew for sure this was not their territory.

     G                                                    Em
P.S. Robert I found the supermarket bag you left me, I'll smoke a little every 
D                            C                                 G
day, and as the smoke clears away, you come right back into my memory, yea, 

Robert, you should have known better.
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