Eric Church – Two Pink Lines chords

			     TWO PINK LINES - Eric Church
Tabbed by: Beariton3

Tuning: Drop D

I got this from a video of Eric Church playing this on his tailgate. Here is the 

CAPO ON 3!!!

Chords used (all relative to capo):

D:  000232
G:  5x0050
A2: 002200
Bm: 004432
Bb: 222000
C:  444000
Db: 555000

So during the verse, Eric does this little riff to start each chord progression. The 
chord progression in the verse is D, G, A2, D

And to start each progression he plays this little riff before strumming the D chord 
(refer to the video if you need some help)

So the idea for the verse is this: Riff, D, G, A2, D, then repeat the over and over until the progression changes. once you have this little part down, the rest is super easy to get. Heres the chords in the song
D G A2 DHe was pacin' back and forth on her front porch
D G A2 DI pulled up slingin' gravel in my daddy's Ford
D G A2 DShe cried all the way to Johnson's store
D G A2 DI kept the motor runnin' and parked by the door
D G A2 DYeah I was foolish and wild, she was classic and regal
D G A2 DWe were fresh out of school both barely legal
D G A2 DWe were young and on fire and just couldn't wait
D G A2 DSix weeks in, she was three weeks late
Bm GOne means none and we're home free
Bm A2Two means three and a diamond ring
D D G DYeah wonderin' what fate is gonna decide
G D A DWe're just sittin' around waitin' on two pink lines
G D A DSittin' around waitin' on two pink lines
D G A2 DHer daddy's gonna kill me and that's a fact
D G A2 DMaybe we'll just leave town and never come back
D G A2 DOr I could stand there and tell him, face him like a man
D G A2 DAw who am I kiddin' he'll never understand
Bm GThat second hand just keeps slowin' down
Bm A2I swear it stopped twice the last time around
Chorus 2:
D D G DWe'll know the truth in three minutes' time
G D A2 DWe're just sittin' around waitin' on two pink lines
G D A2 DSittin' around waitin' on two pink lines
A2Hot summer nights whisperin' her name
GUnder a blanket by the river bank
A2Hearts beating fast we never thought twice
G A2She pulled me close and I held on tight
D G A2 DWhen the moment of truth finally comes
D G A2 DShe gives me a look and then comes undone
D G A2 DShe says looks like we're lucky, Someone's smilin' down
D G A2 DShe grabs her coat and says See ya around
Chorus 3:
Bm GYeah these days the rabbit doesn't die
G D A2 DYou just sit around waitin' on two pink lines
D D G DPrayin' that fate is on your side
G D A2 DSittin' around waitin' on two pink lines
G D A2 DSittin' around waitin' on two pink lines
Thats basically it, I know its a little wordy, but between that and the video link you should be able to play this song, its a ton of fun to play and sing, thanks guys.
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