Eric Church – Hippie Radio chords

C G Am F

[Verse 1]
C F CMy daddy had a Pontiac on the beige-er side of yellow
Am F G CHe was a young man then and I was a little fella
F CI'd play in that bench back seat and listen to the songs get sung
Am F CHe couldn't carry a tune in a bucket but he'd sing at the top of his lungs
C G Am CCarry on my wayward son on a hippie radio
Am GSongs about the flower babies and the birth of rock and roll
C G Am C F CAnd I was band and I would stand and we'd bounce down the road
C Am F CA boy and his dad in a Pontiac with that hippie radio
[Verse 2]
C F CCan't' remember if it was seventeen, maybe eighteen is right
Am F G CBut I'll never forget those baby blues and the glow of that dashboard light
F CI'd won her heart the week before and it was hot right from the start
Am F CI busted her brother Billy's mouth for makin' fun of my car
[Chorus 2]
C Am C F CIt was White Wedding and Rebel Yell on the hippie radio
C Am GI was Werewolf in London, and she was Lady Marmalade's soul
C G C F CAnd I'd crank the band, take her hand and we'd pull off back a road
C Am F CA boy and his girl in a Pontiac, and the hippie radio
[Verse 3]
C F CFour years and seven days from tying cans to the bumper
Am F CI was pacing a maternity floor, my flower baby was a mother
F CMy hands were shaking as we were leaving, taking our boy home
Am F CMy heart was full and in my head I could hear a long, long song
[Chorus 3]
C G Am CCat's in the cradle and the silver spoon on the hippie radio
C Am GA-B-C, 1-2-3, don't blink or he'll be gone
C Am F CAnd I took her hand and she just smiled with a look that said "I know"
C F C GA boy and his dad and a boy and his girl in a Pontiac
CAnd the hippie radio
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