Eric Clapton – Holy Mother tab

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From: (Jeremy Dean Crowhurst)

Holy Mother, from Eric Clapton's "August".

My source for this is the video "The Cream of Eric Clapton" which has a live
performance of this song, so it might be in a different key than the album
version, and it might be simpler.

(By the by, the people who made this video somehow managed to turn gold
into shit, overall, but this one song makes it almost worth the price of
admission.  The playout solo is all closeup of EC's fingers on the fret-
board, so if you're a novice like me who isn't great at playing leads,
then this is a big help.)

The song is played with a capo on the 4th fret.

Intro (This is basically the picking pattern for the whole song.) G C G Em D/F# G-----------------------------------------------------------------------3-----|------------------------------------------------------0------------------0---|--------0--------0------------0------0----------0-------0-------2----------0-|-------------------0------0^2----------0----------2-------2---0--------------|----0^2----2---------2--3----------------2----2------------------------------|--3-----------------------------3-----------0---------------2-----3----------|
G C G Holy Mother, where are you Em D G Tonight I feel broken in two G C G I've seen the stars fall from the sky Em D G Holy Mother, can't keep from crying C G Oh I need your help this time Em D G To get me through this lonely night C G Tell me please which way to turn D G By myself again Holy Mother hear my prayer Somehow I know you're still there {chords as verse I} Send me please some peace of mind Take away this pain Bm G {I'm not really sure about} I can't wait, I can't wait {this part... but it sounds} C D {pretty close.} I can't wait any longer Bm G I can't wait, I can't wait C D I can't wait for you. Holy Mother, hear my cry I've cursed your name a thousand times {chords as verse I} I've felt the anger running through my soul All I need is a hand to hold Oh I feel the end is coming No longer my legs will run {chords as verse II} You know how to wrap me In your arms tonight When my hands can no longer play My voice is still a fade away {chords as verse I} Holy Mother, then I'll be lying in, safe within your arms. Comments, corrections, (and profuse thanks and encouragement) are always welcome... flames ain't. J. Crowhurst
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