Eric Clapton – Golden Ring tab

Tab by: Naminator
Date: 03/08/08

(Start the intro doing Mmmmmm..with your voice, calmly, with the rythm of the song)

Intro: G C G D Em C G 

G              C        G
He gave to you a golden ring;
   D        Em     C           G
It made you happy, it made you sing.
G                       C  G 
And I played for you on my guitar;
     D         Em    C            G
It didn't last long, we didn't go far.

G               C          G
And though the times have changed,
D      Em
We're rearranged.
         C         G      D        G
Will the ties that bind remain the same?

G               C       G
You came around after a while;
D        Em        C          G
Everyone said that I made you smile.
G                      C       G
It all went well, and suddenly then
    D          Em       C     G
You heard that he would marry again.


G                       C         G
Well I know that I have been here before;
      D           Em          C          G
I've trod on your wings, I've opened the door.
G                  C      G
If I gave to you a golden ring
D                Em     C                G
Would I make you happy, would I make you sing?

[Chorus] x2

(End with the intro doing [Mmmmm]) x4.
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