Eric Clapton - Knockin On Heavens Door tab


e]-5/7--5--3~--]B]---------3~--]G]-5/7--5--4~--]With WahD]-------------]A]-------------]E]-------------]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Verse main: The verse's and chorus follow this chord pattern. G D Am Momma take this badge away from me G D C I don't use it anymore G D Am It's getting dark to dark to see G D C Feel I'm knocking on heavens door... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ G D C Feel I'm knocking on heavens door G D Am Knock knock knocking on heavens door G D C Knock knock knocking on heavens door G D Am Knock knock knocking on heavens door G D C Knock knock knocking on heavens door ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ However, a few people have asked me to tab out what Clapton actually plays. This is a very tricky task, but its a combination of these chord sequences.
~~1~~e]--3x-3x---3x----10x-10x----10x-]these 2 chordsB]--3x-3x---3x----10x-10x----10x-]stay the same, G]--4x-4x---4x----11x-11x----11x-]but the last chordD]--5x-5x---5x----12x-12x----12x-]E.C plays alternatesA]-------------------------------]from an Am to CmajorE]-3-------3-----10-------10-----]
Here's it in tab:
~~2~~e]--5x5x--5x-] This is the AmB]--5x5x--5x-] Chord Clapton plays G]--5x5x--5x-]x2D]--7x7x--7x-]A]--7x7x--7x-]E]-5-----5---]
~~3~~e]--8X-8X---8X--] This is the CmajorB]--8X-8X---8X--] Chord Clapton playsG]--9X-9X---9X--]X2D]--10-10---10--]A]--------------]E]-8-----8------]
Verse leads: Just chuck these little licks in whenever you feel there approriate.
e]--------------]B]--------------]G]-12~-12~-14b--] With wah D]--------------]A]--------------]E]--------------]
Solo: Ive tabbed it without using a slide, as I believe Clapton overdubbed the slide solo with a guitar in an open tuning. Heres how to play it in standard, not using a slide.
theres a double tracked small section here, so just repeat the first solo lick once.
~~Legend~~: b=bend r=return bend x=mute, or choke ~=vibrato or let ring /=slide h=hammer on ~~1~~ refers to the G and D chords ~~2~~ refers to the Aminor chord ~~3~~ refers to the C chord Now all you need to do is to match the numbers with the chords I've layed out and play those sections when the number corresponds to the chord and you'll be away. Chuck those leads in when you feel the need and you'll soon be rockin' Just a quick note, Ive tabbed this out aimed towards newer player's. Thats why it might seem simplistic. Hope it helps guys!
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