Eric Clapton – I Want A Little Girl chords

Left handed
I want a little girl 
By:  Murray Mencher and Billy Moll
Performed by:  Eric Clapton
Tabbed by: Shasta007

G# Cm7b5I want a little girl, to call my own.
C#m C#m7 She must be someone, whose all alone now.
G#7 F#7 F7 Bb D# F7 Bb D# (G# Blues fill)Say, I want a little girl, to fall in love with me, oh yeah.
G# Cm7b5I want a little girl, she may not look
C#m C#m7 Just like the picture, a picture, in the story book.
G#7 F#7 F7 Bb D# F7 Bb D# (G# Blues fill)If she can cook chicken, yeah yeah, she suits me to a T, oh yeah.
G# C D# 9 D9 C#9She don’t have to wave her hair, (AHH , AHH , AHH , AHH)
C#m C#m7 C#9 C9 B9 Bb9Or even wear fancy clothes (AHH , AHH , AHH, AHH)
Bb G#mb5 D# E D# (G# Blues fill)I wouldnt even care, if she didn’t where nylon hose, oh!!!
G# Cm7b5 (adlib G# Blues lick after every line)I want a little girl, who loves me a lot
C#m C#m7You know that I would give her, everything that I got
G#7 F#7 F7 Bb D# G# A G# Say, I want a little girl, to fall in love with me
Riff notes; I recommend G# Blues in the forth position, Begin the lick on 4th or 1st degree, make sure to fill with 1,4, 5 and 7 degree notes and end on root or 5th. Notes: This by no means is the exact guitar version as played by Andy F.Low. Most of the chords are presented by their quality; therefore, I have omitted flattened / sharpened 5th, 7th and 9th chord voicings. Although I believe that this version is 95%, there is definitely room for improvement and personal additions. I just want to thank all of you that post; you definitely have made my life more enjoyable with your hard work and selflessness. I really hope this version brings you a lot of applause and truck loads of shits and giggles.
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