Eric Clapton - Born In Time tab


Intro Chords: E C#m F#m Am E E In the rolling night C#m In the stardust of the pale moonlight F#m I think of you in black and white Am E when we were made of dreams E I walked alone through the shady streets C#m Listening to my heart beat F#m In the record breaking heat Am E When we were born in time E B A E Just when I thought you were gone You came back E B E Just when I was ready to receive you B You were smooth you were rough A E You were more than enough E F#m B Ahh baby why did I ever believe you A I believe you E In the rising curse C#m And the wings of nature will test every worth F#m I took you close and I felt the reason Am E And we were born in time Solo 1:
E B A E Just when I knew who to find you went back E B E Just as the fire light was gleaming E B You were snow you were rain A E You were strife and you were pain E F#m B Oh baby can it be you?ve been scheming A Or was I dreaming E In the wings of mystery C#m In the foggy weather destiny F#m You're still so deep inside of me Am E And we were born in time Solo 2:
}---------------------------------------------------------------{ }-4--5-4--------------------------------------------------------{ }--------6-4-6---4-6-8-9-8--9-8-6-4-6---4-6-8-9-8--9-8-6-4-6----{ }---------------------------------------------------------------{ }---------------------------------------------------------------{ }---------------------------------------------------------------{
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