Eric Clapton - Watch Out For Lucy Acoustic chords

Watch Out For Lucy

Eric Clapton
Capo on 3
G       Bm     Em     C
        G       D      G      D

G CNow my friend Bill was just a working lad
Bm CAnd he liked to have his fun.
G DHe'd like to find a girl and get comfortable
C DWhen his working day was done.
Em BmHe would spend all his money on a Friday night,
C G Wake up in the morning broke,
Em BmBut he had a run in with little Lucy then;
C DBe lieve me that ain't no joke.
G Bm Em C Watch out for Lucy,
G Bm Em C Though she may look frail.
G Bm Said, "Ex cuse me, Lucy,
Em C Darling don't you use me;
G D G I don't want to land in jail."
G Bm Em C G D G D
G CShe started out working in a cafe,
Bm CPicking money up on the side.
G DShe was free and easy, everybody's friend,
C DBut she couldn't be satis fied.
Em BmSo now in walks Bill with his cash in his hand,
C GHis heart upon his sleeve.
Em BmWe tried to warn him a bout her ways,
C DWe never did suc ceed.
Chorus G Bm Em C G D G D
G CWell, the trap was sprung for poor old Bill;
Bm CYou should have heard little Lucy sing
G D"I want a Cadillac car, a beautiful home,
C DAnd a thousand dollar ring."
Em BmThey found our hero in the gutter
C GWith a diamond ring and a gun.
Em BmHe'd done it for the love of Lucy
C DAnd ended up on the run.
Chorus Chorus
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