Eric Clapton – Come Rain Or Come Shine chords

F7 A7 I'm gonna love you, like nobody's loved you
Dm Come rain or come shine
G7 C7 High as a mountain and deep as a river
F7 Come rain or come shine
Bbm7 Fm7 I guess when you met me
Bbm7 C7 It was just one of those things
Dm Am7 But don't ever bet me
Am7b5 D7 Gm7 C7 Cause I'm gonna be true if you let me
F7 A7You're gonna love me, like nobody's loved me
Dm G7 Come rain or come shine
B7 EHappy together, unhappy together
A7Won't that be fine
D7 Days may be cloudy or sunny
G7We're either in or we're out of money
F7 G7 I'm with you always
Bb7 A7 D7 => soloI'm with you rain or shine
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