Eric Clapton - Another Ticket tab

I wanted to play this song for a while, but there was no tab so I finally
figured it out myself. There isn't audible guitar a lot of the time in
this song. For those times I just use arpeggiation on the chord. The
patterns I give are the ones actually used in the song.

Another Ticket

Intro:G III(Arpeggiate) / D |-------2-2h3p2--------| / D/A |-----------| |-----3---------2------| |-----------| |---2-------------3----| |-------7---| |-0-----------------0--| |-----7-----| |----------------------| |---5-------| |----------------------| |-5---------|D/A(same as above)Why can't it stay like this forever?Why does it always have to change?
G(same as above) Everytime you think you've paid the price It seems you've always got to pay it twice. Everytime you think your near the end You turn around and find another ticket.
D |---2-----2---| |-----3-----3-| |-2-----2-----| |-------------| |-------------| |-------------|Oh my love, time is running outOh my love, time is running out.
and so on...
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