Eric Hutchinson - Food Chain chords


I think these are fairly right – feel free to correct me though. First time 
tabbing. Play around with last line of chorus until it suits your playing.

Intro:   D, G, A, G, A x 2

D Em A D Em ADon't let this affect the game every five months we act the same
Em G ABut I never get used to putting you off
D Em A D Em AAnd no one could've scripted this who knows what'll come of it
Em G AI refuse to believe it was all just a waste
ACause look around
G D AEverybody’s on the food chain
Em D G AFunny but from day to day we get bottom to top
G D A GAnd if you get lost you start over again
A G DBut we don't ever get to no we don't ever get to stop
D A GI would've known better if I was on the outside
D A GI would've known better if I was on the outside
Em Looking in looking in
G A EmBut this chain just eats away at the people who use it
G A EmNo ones gonna say that it's easier losing
G ATouch with who we need
EmWhen it's lonelier on the outside
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