Eric Serra - Guns And People tab

It's basic, just to sound good, cause it doesn't seem to be in the web. At least with
this tab, you can play, for all of you, Luc Besson and Subway fans.

[Figure 1]e-----------------------------------------------------------|b-----------------------------------------------------------|g-----------------------------------------------------------|d--10--9--7--5--7--|--10---9--7--5--7--|--10-9--7--5--3--3--|a--8---7--5--3--5--|--8----7--5--3--5--|--8--7--5--3--1--1--|e-----------------------------------------------------------|
[Figure 2]e----------------------------------------------------------2--|b----------------------------------------------------------2--|g----------------------------------------------------------0--|d--10--9--7--5--7--|--10--9--7--5--7--|--10--9--7--5--3----0--|a--8---7--5--3--5--|--8---7--5--3--5--|--8---7--5--3--1----2--|e----------------------------------------------------------3--|
C5 That night I waited too long Bb5 G5 For someone who wouldn't come C5 Who would've made it home to me Bb5 G5 I went for a walk in the street
F C BbEmpty eyes and shady facesF C BbPeople hustling and people wandering a-------------|F C Bb E--3-5-6--|And I just found that in their placesBb5 [Figure 1]The streets were not that frightening, no
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