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Soon, Coming Closer
Tuning Standard


Ab A E e|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|---------------------|D|---6--7--2-----------|A|---6--7--2-----------|E|---4--5--0-----------|
In the recording, the Bass just plays those notes, but live Julie Doiron plays this before singing, very loosely sometimes striking the whole powerchord:
Listen to the song for strum pattern C Ee|-0----0----|B|-1----0----|G|-0----1----|D|-2----2----|A|-3----2----|E|------0----|
Lyrics: You go everywhere I hope you're never there I think it's hardly fair To wake up so unscared You can't deny me I know that's wrong to say What's wrong with me? I didn't mean it at all Maybe they don't seem to care I hope I'll soon be there He will be there for me One, two, three It's coming closer Hits me much harder now I feel so much faster I can't even bother at all He's so near me And I feel so free He can really see me, ye He'll never change his mind Tell me why you want her Do you think she will be there? He will be there for me One, two, three That's pretty much it Here's a video of her playing it: Any questions, just e-mail me at
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